We Can Fight for You Because We Are You

NPP is building support in every state across this country. Our party is independent from corporate interests, centrally organized, and we support a true 50+ state strategy.  Our party is made of people from every walk of life and every heritage, united around fiscally sound, socially responsible policy.

A United Progressive Voice

We are a voice for those who have been denied access and opportunity to participate in their own democratic process. We represent a diverse coalition that believes all Americans are created equal. We will manifest that promise of equality through just social, economic, environmental, and democratic policies. We have built a nation of unfathomable prosperity. It is time for the people to have equal access to it. 


Why The NPP?

Progressive candidates deserve to be supported by a party that will help them participate in the democratic process and will fight alongside them to pass legislation . Our current political duopoly silences progressive voices. Working within the existing two-party system is not enough.  Only a new party can adequately represent the people.

Our mission is to help educate voters and prospective volunteers in the polices we believe in that support all people, regardless or background, ethnic diversity, or net worth. 

Our Platform will be decided by YOU!

Progressive leaders will represent their districts, not corporate donors. We are organizing our volunteers to do just that. Join our email list to follow our party's activities.

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We love to talk about progressive policy and causes!

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