The Proposed Platform

Inequality is our natural enemy

Our progressive platform will focus on ending social, economic, and environmental inequality and injustice. 

A Platform Built by the People for the People

We answer to you, not corporations.

  • A Platform Built by the People - In keeping with the spirit of Democracy, the National Progressive Party will not declare an official party platform at this time. The National Progressive Party platform will be democratically developed and refined by the people during the National Convention. The platform will be in keeping with progressive values which aim to promote the general welfare of the people through increased participation in our democracy, protection of our inalienable rights, sustainable stewardship of our environment, and economic and social reforms that reduce inequality in our system .
  • A Platform that Battles Inequality - Inequality and injustice are the natural enemies of the National Progressive Party. Our platform will aggressively reflect NPP’s desire for revolutionary changes in our economic, social, and environmental systems. The National Progressive party recognizes that working class and other economically vulnerable Americans cannot be represented in a society that accepts corporate personhood. Because progressive leaders reject the culture and practice of corporate contributions in politics, progressive leadership presents the only practical threat against corporatism and corruption in our nation’s political system. The economic challenges faced by the United States are as diverse as its geography and the American people themselves. The NPP asserts that only a democratically controlled economic system can represent the interests of working-class Americans.
  • A Platform for Liberation - The National Progressive Party understands that all oppressions are interrelated and interdependent on each other. The completed NPP platform will seek to eliminate the long entrenched institutional racism in our system that has been used to depress the generational wealth, health, and well-being of American BIPOC communities. It will further promote gender equality, equal rights for LGBTQIA+ communities, the full inclusion of disabled people, and provide protections for our most vulnerable future citizens, immigrants and refugees.
  • A Platform that Protects Our Future - The fight against injustice is not limited to human economic and social conditions. Our environmental platform will promote sustainable use of our natural resources, divestment from fossil fuels and a transition to renewable energy. The National Progressive Party believes that climate change represents a serious and immediate threat to the American people. Our platform will address that threat head on with input from the scientific community while increasing opportunities for wealth and prosperity through green jobs and technologies.

Participate in Building Our Platform

We invite those with Progressive policy ideas to join us during the National Convention to have their voices heard. Without big money interests and corporate donations guiding our party, you have a genuine opportunity to influence the future course of American politics.

Have a Great Progressive Policy Idea?

We would love to hear it. Reach out to us!

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