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Our politics stems from our values

We value our people and their futures. We believe party policy should promote economic, social, political, and environmental equality and justice for all our people. Learn more about our values.

Ten Values of the National Progressive Party

The National Progressive Party adheres to a set of values that guides their actions from within their party and without. We invite those that share these values to join with us in our struggle to enact them in the political area.

  1. We Believe the People are the Power  

    Governments derive their authority from the will and consent of the people. Leaders are empowered by the will and consent of the people. Positive social, political, environmental, and economic change arises from organizations of people who root their institutions in principles of democracy and justice. It is the through the combined insight of our individual and collective struggles that we gain the wisdom to govern ourselves in a manner that elevates all humanity. 

  2. We Believe We Must Give Opposition to Oppression

    Our position in the hierarchy of oppression is determined by the lottery of our birth and the events of our lives. Understanding which privileges we have in this system and how they can be best wielded to liberate all people is a responsibility each of us have to each other. Because the system puts a priority on whiteness, maleness, and straightness this gives some members of our party a greater responsibility to understand the power inherent in their privileges and wield them correctly. We must always be clearing the path through racism, sexism, and other systems of oppression so that marginalized people and oppressed communities can be heard. We must be aggressive in our rejection of White Supremacist, Nationalist, or Fascist institutions, policy, rhetoric, or sympathies. We must provide marginalized people and oppressed communities space to engage safely and freely with democracy where they are fully represented both in membership and leadership.  

  3. We Believe in Equal Rights for All of Us

    Americans cannot have equality until we make ourselves whole. We support the self-determination and treaty rights of tribal nations and all peoples colonized by European powers. Victims of legally sanctioned historic injustice and oppression cannot stand on equal societal footing without correcting the disproportionate allocation of resources. Enfranchisement, reparations, and affirmative actions are all methods of correction we support. We actively oppose and confront all forms of discrimination based on sex, race, color, ethnicity, age, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, health status, religious beliefs or non-belief, national origin or citizenship. We support free reproductive freedom and oppose all forms violence, including domestic violence, rape, incest, molestation, and sexual harassment. We recognize that immigrants are our future citizens and actively reject systemic attempts to scapegoat and repress them. We seek to actively encourage their inclusion in our society. 

  4. We Believe in Equal Justice for All

    Institutional racism, sexism, and classism rots our criminal justice system from within. The culture of our current criminal justice system is steeped corruption and brutality. We call for radical restructuring of our criminal justice system through reallocation of resources, replacement and/or retraining of law enforcement agencies and personnel. We seek the development of a humane system of restorative justice that is focuses on the genuine rehabilitation and integration of those that have engaged in anti-social activity. We seek alternatives to incarceration for those who do not pose a clear and imminent danger to society unless incarcerated. We reject the death penalty both for its barbarism and for its unequal application along racial and class lines. We adopt the modern scientific understanding of addiction and mental illness and believe the medical community, not the criminal justice system, is best suited to help individuals participate more fully in society. We oppose forced prison labor and for-profit private prisons. We believe the judges, lawyers, jurors, court personnel, police, and other participants in our legal system should reflect the class, race, and gender composition of the people in the communities that legal system serves. 

  5. We Believe in Building and Growing Together

    We are strongest when we are united. When the average American aligns with grassroots activists, leaders, and organizations working from within their communities, schools, and workplaces to create a unified, national front against the corporate duopoly in our politics, then we can break the control Big Money and Dark Money campaign finances have over our political process and begin on the path to dismantle the systems of oppression. We will encourage and foster this independent political movement by accepting leadership from those with front line experience in the fight for liberation. 

  6. We Believe in Economic Equality Through Democracy

    Economic policies that favor profit-maximization and private consolidation have failed to provide for equal health, wealth, and prosperity among our people. We promote the development of a new, democratically operated economy, rooted in the solidarity of people representing their workplaces and communities. We believe the following economic rights should be guaranteed to all people: 
    -    Secure employment paying living wages 
    -   Workers’ rights to organize, collective bargain, or strike without threat of reprisal or replacement 
    -   Safe and healthy working conditions 
    -   Protection from economic vulnerability caused by old age, sickness, disability, accident, and/or unemployment 
    -   Retirement, pension, and benefit development and protection 
    -   Adequate access to comfortable and affordable housing 
    -   Adequate access to proper nutrition 
    -   Adequate access to fresh, potable water 
    -   Adequate access to clothing 
    -   Universal healthcare 
    -   High quality and globally competitive education 
    -   Sustainable food industry practices that favor family farms and a family farming co-operatives, the production of local food to served to local communities, and the ethical use of natural resources 
    -   A safe, clean, and well-stewarded environment 
    -   An equitable, progressive tax system that taxes unearned wealth 

  7. We Believe in Political Democracy in Practice, Not Just Name 

    Our current electoral system is not a democratic system. Our wealthiest citizens fund the political activities of the parties and candidates that are sympathetic to their desires for wealth through corporate donations. The infusion of corporate money into our political process strangles the people’s voice and bars any opposition from the establishment before it is formed and funded. Oppressed minorities feels this disenfranchisement from democracy more acutely as they have been targeted by disenfranchising political policies in our system for the longest. Racial and political minorities deserve equitable shares of power in our democracy. We support, but do not limit ourselves, to the following policies: 

        Universal and guaranteed right to vote 
    -    Unburdened access to voting 
    -    Publicly-financed elections with full ballot access 
    -    Equal media access for all candidates 
    -    Voting rights for American residents regardless of immigration status or criminal conviction 
    -    Preferential ballots that allow ranking candidates in order of preference, such as Ranked-Choice ballots for single-candidate races 
    -    Proportional representation in electing local, state,      and federal legislatures 

  8. We Reject Imperialism and Warmongering

    We oppose the culture of Imperialism that seeks to conquer, dominate, and control through militarism and violence. We call for major cuts in the military budget. We call for redirecting and reallocating the vast resources of the military industrial complex to socially needed production that betters the lives of the people. We call for an end to meddling and destructive military interventions in sovereign nations, economic coercion, and political interference in the sovereign affairs of foreign nations, including those tribal nations and governments within our own national borders.  

  9. We Believe Sustainable Environmental Practices are Required to Maintain a Safe and Healthy Environment

    The current economic policies of profit-maximization and the myth of endless “growth and productivity” generate unsustainable practices that degrade our environment, endangering our health, safety, and livelihoods. A democratically based economy enables people to gear economic production efforts towards that which sustains us conserves the people’s resources for future generations. We can meet the people’s basic material needs through the use of non-toxic and renewable energy, materials, and manufacturing methods. Corporate polluters must take responsibility for and cover the cost of restoring the environments they have damaged. Like preventative health measures increase the overall health of a people, preventing pollution increases the overall health of our environment. We call for public investment in the replacement of toxic technologies with ecologically sound alternatives. We call for developing industries and employment in solid waste reduction, recycling and clean composing, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable organic agriculture, mass transit, biodegradable materials, and eco-industrial parks for zero-emissions manufacturing. 

  10. We Believe in Political and Economic Independence from Partisan Politics 

    It is an essential function of our party to remain free and independent from partisan politics, the quid pro quo expected by corporate or wealthy donors, and tight knit alliances with corporate megaliths so that we can authentically represent the people’s interests in government. We promote independent candidates and parties who share our values, are outside of the Democratic and Republican parties, and are outside of the sphere of interest of the corporate ruling class.


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